What is happening in real estate in the 21st century?
$240 billion is the overall estimated value for all residential real estate transactions on a foreign market
Every month over 250 million people look to purchase a property abroad
80% of all cross-country transactions get obstructed. The main causes include the unreliable agencies they try to work with and language barriers
$2 billon each year is lost by many brokers and real estate agencies when working in the foreign market ineffectively

REALTING - is here to facilitate safe partnerships between real estate agencies, sellers and buyers from all different countries

Get connected right now and benefit from working with our platform.

REALTING organizes partnerships between brokers around the world
  • You will be able to receive a partners commission from other partners who are working with REALTING
  • You will be able to receive an affiliate Commission from foreign seller Agencies which partner with REALTING
  • You will increase your number of transactions/sales due to the sale of real estate to foreigners.
  • After connecting to the Realting service and uploading your properties, you will be able to receive:
    • Leads containing buyers contact details from our partner brokers from your own country along with all other countries
    • Applications (leads) from potential buyers from different countries
  • Working with REALTING you will only communicate with hand picked reliable professionals within the global real estate market
REALTING.COM was created by Realt.by – the largest online real estate platform in Belarus
  • Belarus is currently one of the top 10 countries in the world in developing IT services
  • Over the last 15 years, our team has created some of the best IT real estate products and services for the Belarusian real estate market
  • We work with more than 1,000 agents and developers around the world
  • Individual approach and technical broker support

Provide us with your basic contact information. We will then send you detailed instructions on how you can register fully as a partner of REALTING.

Frequently asked Questions

How does REALTING work
  • We carefully select our partners and work only with fully licensed, trusted and authorized real estate agencies from all over the world
  • We list agencies property for free and translate them into different languages. There are no properties from private users.
  • All the properties listed in the REALTING database come exclusively from real estate agencies we select to work with.
  • We translate information about your property into multiple languages helping to overcome a language barrier between all parties involved. By doing so enabling us to be confident that all the deals will run smoothly and be beneficial to all parties involved
  • Our partners speak the client's language which enables them to guide and support them during all transactions ultimately guaranteeing it`s safety
How to connect to the REALTING platform and increase your sales?
  • Register as a licensed broker and upload all the properties which you would like to sell into MLS.REALTING also indicating the percent of agency commission which you’re willing to share with any agency supplying clients for these properties should it be successful
  • Using your registered credentials login to MLS.REALTING now as a confirmed and verified professional of the global real estate market
  • Receive information relating to your properties and the % of partner commission requested from the agency commission which the partner agencies are willing to share with you should a successful transaction arise from a different country by MLS.REALTING
  • After connecting to the REALTING service and listing the property, agencies can receives requests (leads) from potential buyers for your property from different countries and requests with buyers contacts from REALTING partners from all over the world.
  • Receive your commission after the transaction completes and share the specified % of agency commission with the partner who gave you the client
  • Receive requests from direct buyers for your properties from all over the world
What do you pay REALTING? You pay only for results!
  • 10% of the partner Commission for an partner sales on applications with buyers contacts from partners from any country 
  • Fixed payments for supplying direct leads of potential buyers from all different countries 
Realting.com is here to help you earn and make more through affiliate sales
Connect to REALTING
By connecting to the REALTING platform, you will be able to increase your work efficiency through affiliate sales

These are conditions for connection to the REALTING platform:

  • The information about property which is listening on REALTING must be correct, average or above average price range, with quality pictures and affiliate Commission for MLS Realting
  • For each announcement must be assigned to specialist agencies (knowledge of English or multiple languages is a plus) capable of communication with foreigners, photos of the agent is necessary
  • After listening your advertising, we translate it into several languages for foreign visitors (English, German, Russian ets)
  • After connecting to the service, we add your company logo to the partners section REALTING.COM according to the country in which your property are located. We will also recommend sellers of real estate in your region to contact your Agency for placement on REALTING.COM
  • To connect to the service, the partner Agency needs to install the button at the bottom of the corporate website page
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them all
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